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All about .... Inspiration

All about .... Inspiration.

A new year long series highlighting different parts of Embroidery.

If you are like me sometimes you stitch and stitch and stitch and then lose interest in your project. How do you go about getting that spark back?

For me I like to work on smaller projects in between larger ones so that I can get that feeling of accomplishment when I complete something!

So this newsletter is .....

All About Inspiration!

A friend of mine decided last year that she would stitch small projects in different styles. Lisa called it her "Getting it out of my system" projects. She has collected all of them and is creating an embroidery journal as a record of all the designs that have inspired her last year.

You can follow along on her blog ...

The Needlesmith, where Finishing Is Fun!

The Needlesmith – … muddling through life one stitch at a time (finishingisfun.ca)

She is already planning a Volume II

Another way to be inspired is to connect with others who also love stitching as much as you!

There are many groups across Canada and around the world. You connect via Instagram and Facebook as well.

The Embroidery Association of Canada is a collection of local stitching groups across the country. There is also a Virtual Threads chapter that is online if your city doesn't have a chapter.

These groups are great place to learn new styles of embroidery or just meet people to share your passion with!

Embroiderers' Association of Canada/Association canadienne de broderie – To encourage and promote the practice and knowledge of the art of embroidery in all its forms (eac-acb.ca)

So you've connected with others and now you want to start something new!!

I've got a new item just for you ... The Mystery Package!

This is inspiration all wrapped up! You'll get a small piece of fabric and some coordinating threads to explore your creativity. Included is a bonus item and an information sheet about the threads.

You can choose AIDA or LINEN fabric and BRIGHT or NEUTRAL colours. Each pack will be unique and I hope will spark some inspiration.

Mystery Package - February – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

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