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Fabric by Type

This section will be re-organized during the fall of 2022.  The new collections will let you search faster.

This Collection will be organized so that you can search by the major types of fabric.

Aida - Woven so that there are equally spaced holes in the fabric.  Mainly used for Cross Stitch but can support specialty stitches as well

Evenweave - Woven with uniform threads to create an even fabric weave.  Includes the types called Lugana (Zweigart's name for evenweave) Jobelan, Handanger and Monaco (DMC's name for evenweave).  These are a combination of fabric materials including cotton, rayon, polyester.

Linen - Uses 100% flax based Linen fibers. Woven with threads of differing thicknesses to create a fabric that mimics an antique handwoven look, may not be exactly perfectly the count listed. Zweigart has named each of the main counts (Cashel, Belfast, Edinburgh etc) but other manufactures use just the fabric count. 

Congress Cloth100% cotton is a combination of a fabric and and canvas. It is perfect for Hardanger, petit point needlepoint and cross stitch. It is softer than canvas. It comes in neutral colors and with metallic threads mixed in to some colors as well.

Mono Canvas - A needlepoint canvas with mesh of single vertical and horizontal threads. Projects using mono/single canvas are normally worked in a frame, as the canvas has a tendency to distort while being stitched. Mono/single canvas is available in a wide variety of counts / gauges / holes per inch (hpi).

Wool Felt - High quality felted wool used for stitching and applique embroidery

No Count - An assortment of fabrics used for surface embroidery or for finishing your projects.  Includes stitcher cloth for punch needle and hand dyed Velveteens.


Fabric Brand, Fabric Type, Fabric Count, Fabric Colour, Fabric In Stock (limited to Renmants, Full Yards, Hand Dyed and Patterned)

Fabric will now include in stock sizes noted at the beginning of each listed (example is below) If there is no size listed then the fabric will need to be ordered for you, I will email you with a timeline and email updates during the process.

*Currently in Stock: Small, Medium and/or Large (1 piece)
*Currently in Stock: Full Yard - All cuts possible


Fabric will also be standardized for each listing, Colour Name - Type of Fabric - Count of Fabric. (example is below)

Pearl Grey - Belfast Linen - 32 count