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Thread Brand - Dinky-Dyes

Here is some FAQ's from their website ...

Are Dinky-Dyes colorfast?
As with any hand-dyed thread, if you're planning to wash your finished product, we recommend that you pre-rinse your threads. That said, Dinky-Dyes are as colorfast as they can be!

How many yards are in a skein?
Dinky-Dyes offers stranded silk, silk perle, ribbon, and a wool/silk blend thread.

Stranded Silk 8 metres
Silk Perle 600d (#12) 20 m
Silk Perle 1000d (#8) 15 m
Silk Perle 1900d (#5) 10 m
Silk Ribbon 4mm 4 m
Silk Ribbon 7mm 2 m
(50% wool/50% silk)
20 m