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Au Ver a Soie

From the website:

Since 1875 in Paris Au Vera Soie has been known for its quality silk and embroidery threads.

AU VER A SOIE received a bronze medal for the quality of its silk at the Universal Exposition in 1878.

The longevity of the company seems assured with the arrival of the fifth generation direct line descendant, Marc BOUCHER, a graduate from the Ecole Supérieure for the Clothing Industry who will bring new blood and new ambitions, helped by his sister, Nathalie Boucher-Bothorel.
Au Ver à Soie is always creating new products to answer the new customers ‘demand: silk chenille, Soie de Paris.

* I order directly from the Au Ver A Soie in France and have access to their entire product line including Kits - more items will be added during 2021.