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30 Count Fabric

The new collections will let you search faster. All types of fabric in that count are combined so you can see what else is out there.   You can sort the collection by using the BROWSE drop down menu.

Aida is standard by "Stitches per Inch," 14 count = 14 stiches per inch

Evenweave and Linen is standard by "Threads per Inch," 32 count = 32 thread per inch.  When stitching you can stitch "Over 2 threads" so that your final design will be equivalent to the Aida count.  16 count Aida = 32 count Linen

Mono Canvas and Congress Cloth is standard by "Holes per Inch," 18 count = 18 holes per inch.  When stitching the stitch diagrams in Canvaswork will direct you from one hole to another.


Fabric will now include in stock sizes noted at the beginning of each listed (example is below) If there is no size listed then the fabric will need to be ordered for you, I will email you with a timeline and email updates during the process.

*Currently in Stock: Small, Medium and/or Large (1 piece)
*Currently in Stock: Full Yard - All cuts possible

Fabric will also be standardized for each listing, Colour Name - Type of Fabric - Count of Fabric. (example is below)

Pearl Grey - Belfast Linen - 32 count