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Appletons Wool

Tapestry Listings will list if the colour range is in stock (colours noted on each listing).  Crewel wool is an "Always in stock" thread line!

I have an account set up directly with Appleton in the UK, and I have access to all their kits you can see on the Appleton.co.uk website.  Please let me know if there is a kit you would like me to carry for you.

I order the Tapestry threads from the UK as people request them, and I do not have the entire line in stock.  I also special order the larger Hanks as requested for both Crewel Wool and Tapestry Wool


Company History

For the last 180 years, the family firm of Appleton Bros has been producing fine quality tapestry and crewel wool. Based until early 2013 in Chiswick, London, near the river Thames, Appletons has moved more recently to the village of Long Crendon in Buckinghamshire, near the historic market town of Thame. Although the firm is no longer family owned, the essence of the company remains the same, with the quality of the wool and personal attention to detail being of paramount importance.

Appletons reputation has been built up over generations by selecting the finest English wools from the wool markets in Bradford, Yorkshire, and having them spun in the UK into either 4 ply tapestry or 2 ply crewel wool. Tapestries made from it last generations, and Appletons is particularly proud to have been involved with the recent completion of the world famous Bayeux Tapestry as well as the Prestonpans tapestry and the ongoing Great Tapestry of Scotland.

Appletons wool is dyed to 423 different shades, all of which are available in both tapestry and crewel weights. Some of the colours are the original shades used by William Morris in his designs and still popular today. More modern shades have been developed over the years and a mixture of these are used by a variety of tapestry and rug designers around the world.