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Thread Brand - The Gentle Art (GAST)

For 2023, I have organized the threads alphabetically rather than by Colours group.

Both thread lines are combined - Simply Shaker and Sampler Threads

Simply Wool is ordered as requested by customers

From their website:

Our Threads

At the Gentle Art, we have a wholehearted commitment to the quality and consistency of our thread. We use the utmost care and forethought in selecting the methods and components used to produce our thread. Our craftsmen over-dye each batch of thread by hand to ensure that it is treated with care. Quality dyes and catalyst agents are chosen to ensure long-lasting durable floss while staying kind to the environment. Our dyer works diligently to produce a product which is consistent, lightfast, colorfast, and is heirloom quality.

Our vision is to create a floss that will inspire creative dreamers to pick up a new hobby. Our diverse palette is inspired by the natural world around us. They are subtly shaded with each skein containing many colors blended with care to provide striking visual depth. We look to the history of embroidery and other fiber arts and strive to make a thread that will enhance the diverse creativity of many generations to come.