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Always looking for new items!

During January I will be adding new items to my website. Some of them have been available for special order over the last year but I will be adding the colour samples.

I am always on the lookout for new items so please email me if there is an item you think I should carry and I can look into it for you!

Also remember I can order many paper patterns from designers you love, even if they are not currently listed on my website!

Updated with New Photos

Fabric Banding - Prefinished Edges!

My Newest Fabric collection is Fabric or Stitch Banding. These lengths of either Aida or Linen have a prefinished edge. Some have patterns woven into the edges and other are "Simplicity" with not specific edge.

You can find the entire collection under the "FABRIC TYPE" drop down menu at the top of the page. In this Collection you can sort by colour or count!

Fabric Banding & Ribbon

New Items added recently!

New Collections for Fabric!

I have finished my new organization for fabric!

These are new collections that will let you search faster. Fabric Brand, Fabric Type, Fabric Count, Fabric Colour, Fabric In Stock (limited to Renmants, Full Yards, Hand Dyed and Patterned)

In each Collection you can filter as well ... So you can pick FABRIC TYPE - AIDA and filter by Colour! .... or FABRIC COUNT - 36 count and filter by IN STOCK - HAND DYED FABRIC!

Fabric will now include In Stock sizes, noted at the beginning of each listed (example is below) If there is no size listed then the fabric will need to be ordered for you, I will email you with a timeline and email updates during the process.

*Currently in Stock: Small, Medium and/or Large (1 piece)

*Currently in Stock: Full Yard - All cuts possible 

Fabric will also be standardized for each listing, Colour Name - Type of Fabric - Count of Fabric. (example is below)

Pearl Grey - Belfast Linen - 32 count

.... up next Threads!!!!!

In Stock Hand Dyed Fabric

With the delays in getting supplies and increase in demand, many of the hand dyed fabrics have long waiting lists.

Below is a selection of hand dyed fabrics I have instock ... Each listing will have the sizes in stock noted.

These are more under the drop down menu under FABRIC.

In Stock Hand Dyed Fabric

New Hand Dyed Fabric Companies

This fall I was introduced to 2 new hand dyed fabric companies that carry some amazing fabrics!

As Hand Dye Fabric do take awhile to process and as these companies hand dyed orders as stores order them, there is a waiting time on them.

Needle Bling Designs create bright vibrant colours that layer shades of colour to create rich fabrics!

Needle & Flax specializes in soft antique fabric colours that are perfect for Samplers and for designs where you would like a natural look.

*New counts will be added over the next couple of weeks, all the colours listed for 28 count also can be ordered in the other counts too.

Needle Bling Designs

Needle & Flax - Hand Dyed Linen

Cottage Garden Threads - NEW for Fall 2022

I have received my selection of 90 of best selling colours from Cottage Garden Threads of Australia!

These wonderful hand dyed stranded cotton threads are now avaliable to order. Feel free to email me if you want to check if a colour is in stock!

I order directly from them in Austraila so I do have access to their entire thread lines - Perle Cottons are Special Order at this time!

The Signature Collection has 150 colours and each of the Edit Collections have 28 colours designed to coordinate together. Each Edit Collection is available to purchase as a set or as individual skeins

I have also included patterns that uses these wonderful new threads

*I will be placing an order in December as they are featured in a new Stitch-a-Long ...

Facebook based SAL - 2023 Stitchy Stitch-A-Long click the link to join and find out more!

Mystery Packages

Always in Stock

There are some items that everyone needs to be in stock when you want it ... for me DMC floss is one of those items.  It always frustrates me when you go into a store (who will remain nameless) and they are out of stock on most of the thread.  You are all excited to start a new pattern and you are pulled down to Earth, your bubble bursts, your dreams are shattered .... well a little over the top but you all know the feeling.

I am going to create a core group of items that will always be in stock (barring unforeseen disasters ... like the zombie apocalypse or a ship stuck in the Suez Canal), I will try to have 2 skeins of each colour in stock.

Included in my "Always in Stock" are ....

DMC Perle Cotton #5 (other sizes by special order)

Weeks Dye Works Stranded Cotton

Appleton Crewel 2 ply wool (skeins only)

Classic Colorworks Cotton floss

Mill Hill Seed Beads

Chameleon Stranded Cotton

"Always in Stock" DMC 6 Strand Floss

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