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The "Always in Stock" Thread Lines!

I have just had my 2 year anniversary (July 2019) and as I have grown, I have ordered the threads as people request them. I have always added an extra skein or two to build my inventory and here is the result!

This summer I discovered that I was getting close to completing some thread lines and having every colour in stock!! Well, except for those pesky back ordered colours :) The newest thread line is Weeks Dye Works - 6 strand floss

Here are the Thread Lines I have (almost all) the colours in stock and ready to ship

Appleton Wool - Crewel skeins

Chameleon - Stranded cotton and Perle 8

Classic Colorworks - 6 strand cotton

Dinky Dyes - Jumbuck

DMC Floss - Solid, Variegated, Variations, Coloris, Light Effects, Etoile and Diamante

Weeks Dye Works - 6 strand cotton

* Mill Hill Seed Beads, too!

Special Order Picture This Plus Fabric

Picture This Plus fabrics are a beautiful selection of hand dyed fabrics.  They have 145 colours in 9 different thread counts and styles.  It will take a while to load them all onto my website but if you see a colour you like it is available in all stitch counts for you to request.

Due to Covid19 there are delays in the dyeing process. The supplier dyes the fabric individually for each shop as we order so some orders can take upwards of 20 weeks (5+ months) to arrive ... but well worth the wait!!!

* These colours have been discontinued for 2021 - Dill, Haven, Jewel, Mello & Stellar

Below is the selection of in stock fabrics, not all sizes are in stock. Email if you would like to check if the size you need is in stock.

Many more colours are on order too!

Currently In Stock - Picture This Plus Fabric

Create a spooky Halloween!

Glow in the Dark Thread is selling fast as people start planning their Halloween projects

Email if you would like to know what might still be on order.

New Discoveries - Summer 2021

Next up ...

Look for these products coming soon ... well as soon as I can load them onto my website

* Threadworx Colour Samples - Silks & Wools

* Rainbow Gallery Colour Samples and updated threads

* Valdani Perle Cotton Colour Samples

* Picture This Plus Linen Fabrics

Customer Suggestions are always welcome as I want to build the store to what you are looking for!

Charity Fundraiser - New for 2021

I have been thinking about how I can, as a business help support some of the great charities across Canada and I have come up with this idea.

I learned to fold these mini paper boxes in a class I took this year and they are super fun to make. I am donating the scrapbooking paper and all the money raised from the sale of these boxes will go towards Charity.

Each year I will change the charity so that many great causes get supported. For 2021, I wanted to support the Canadian Cancer Society. My Grandparents both had Cancer and I felt this was a great place to start.

Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser
Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Paper Folding Mini Boxes - Charity Fundraiser

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Updating Items

I am always looking to make my website better with every suggestion! I have been reviewing items I added awhile ago and when I find mistakes or missing items I get it corrected.

Please let me know if you find an error ... its nice to have a large group of "Proof readers" even if it is after the fact!!!!

2021 updates

Always in Stock

There are some items that everyone needs to be in stock when you want it ... for me DMC floss is one of those items.  It always frustrates me when you go into a store (who will remain nameless) and they are out of stock on most of the thread.  You are all excited to start a new pattern and you are pulled down to Earth, your bubble bursts, your dreams are shattered .... well a little over the top but you all know the feeling.

I am going to create a core group of items that will always be in stock (barring unforeseen disasters ... like the zombie apocalypse or something)

Also I am in the middle of uploading photos and prices of many different thread companies, so you can shop by colour … if you don't see the thread you need, please email me!

DMC 6 Strand Floss

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