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Celebrate the New Year with Sunlit Stitches!

Freda's Fancy Stitching is launching her third Mystery Project "Sunlit Stitches"

With beautiful bright colours and a fun mix of stitches this project is bound to become your favourite project in 2021

Email me for the supply list of threads for you to review. The first of 8 parts will launch January 1st and any pre-orders will ship that day!

Full Skein Kits

Looking for a fun kit to do while at home this holiday season ... or a gift for the beginner in your life!

These Kits are created in partnership with 2 great Etsy Designers and contain full skiens of DMC thread, 14 count White Aida and a needle! I am happy to work you you to upgrade the kit to different fabric colours or counts.

While supplies last.

Kits for Fun

Special Order Picture This Plus Fabric

Picture This Plus fabrics are a beautiful selection of hand dyed fabrics.  They have 150 colours in 9 different thread counts and styles.  It will take a while to load them all onto my website but if you see a colour you like it is available in all stitch counts for you to request.

Due to Covid19 there are delays in the dyeing process as they dye to order so some orders can take upwards of 20 weeks (4-5 months) to arrive ... but well worth the wait!!!

Email if you would like to know what colours are currently on order!!

Currently the Colour Calypso is shown with every stitch count variation that can be ordered.

New Discoveries - Picture This Plus Fabric

New Discoveries - Winter 2020

Next up ...

Look for these products coming soon ... well as soon as I can load them onto my website

* Updated Kreinik selection of threads

* New needles

Customer Suggestions are always welcome as I want to build the store to what you are looking for!

Always in Stock

There are some items that everyone needs to be in stock when you want it ... for me DMC floss is one of those items.  It always frustrates me when you go into a store (who will remain nameless) and they are out of stock on most of the thread.  You are all excited to start a new pattern and you are pulled down to Earth, your bubble bursts, your dreams are shattered .... well a little over the top but you all know the feeling.

I am going to create a core group of items that will always be in stock (barring unforeseen disasters ... like the zombie apocalypse or something)

Also I am in the middle of uploading photos and prices of many different thread companies, so you can shop by colour … if you don't see the thread you need, please email me!

New Colours from DMC

I am now IN STOCK for all the new colours for DMC in 6 stand floss, Perle #5 and Perle #8!

Floss: 01-35 -- Perle #5 & #8: 01, 03, 30, 32, 33, 34 & 35.

I will order any colour of Perle #3, #5 & #8 on request!

DMC 6 Strand Floss

Calgary and Area Delivery

Designers - Favorites and Newly Discovered

Designers are the heart of embroidery.  Everyone has their favorites but its also nice to branch out and discover new styles and ideas!

I personally love moderns cross stitch with bright colours and fun designs!  You will see my taste in designs reflected in the patterns I will carry but let me know if your favorite isn't here and I'll get one for you (if I can).  I love sassy designs and sparkly jewel tone threads and beads.

And as we all have different stitching moods I'm planning to carry as many styles as I can.  From Cross stitch and Canvaswork to Whitework, Stumpwork and Goldwork (oh my)

I will also carry patterns for any stage of embroidery, from newbie stitchers young and old to experienced stitchers looking for a challenge.  I have licensing agreements with some great Etsy Designers to sell their patterns in Kit form at Market across Alberta.

I want to carry "Adult Only" patterns that will make you laugh, curse and proclaim your political opinion! (look for them coming soon)

*Still adding all my patterns to the site ... check back over the next few weeks to find more product.

Designer Curated Collections

Want to start a new style but don't know where to start?  Well I am going to reach out to Designers in many different styles to pick their brains ... what do they recommend for threads, tools and beginner patterns you can try on your own.  I am also planning to organize classes throughout the year.

*Hard Hat Area - Product being loaded on to website

 There are so many products that have been suggested to me, and as I have only so many hours in the day, many items are "under construction"

If you see the Hard Hat Area note, then I am in the process of loading options for you to order.  If you need it right away, then just email me with the item you need and I can let you know the price and get it ordered for you.

As with all construction projects there will be a little disruption to your daily routine but the results will be great!  And please excuse the odd traffic cone left behind.

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