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Coming Soon!

July 2022 is the start of my 3rd year in business and I will be celebrating. Check back during the month for new items and Celebration Sales!

The Celebration Month ends with a Pop Up Store in Calgary to celebrate World Embroidery Day!

Pop Up Store - July 30th

Calgary Delta South

Atrium Entrance

(Corner of Bonaventure and Southland Drive)

135 Southland Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5X5



Each month this year I will be creating a Mystery Package to spark your inspiration or to help you build up a stash of supplies so you can create any time or place!

Let me know if there is something you are wishing to be included!!

Special Order Hand Dyed Fabrics

*NEW COLOURS ARRIVE EACH MONTH! My new colours are at the top of this list each month.

Picture This Plus and Weeks Dye Works fabrics are a beautiful selection of hand dyed fabrics. 

Due to Covid19 and supply issues there are delays in the dyeing process. As a labour intensive process, hand dyed fabrics can take upwards of 20 weeks (5+ months) to arrive ... but well worth the wait!!!

Below is a selected collection of Hand Dyed Fabrics that are in stock, not all sizes are available. Email with any questions! The entire collection of in stock hand dyed fabrics are under the "Fabric" drop down menu at the top of this page.

Many more colours are on order too!

Picture This Plus - In Stock Fabric

Update to Kreinik Metallic Threads

As of 2022, all the Kreinik threads are now being sold only on the thicker spools. This means that Kreinik thread will need to ship as a parcel with Canada Post. For all Provinces east of Manitoba the most economical option is the Canada Post Flat Rate box. Thank you for understanding.

I created a collection of IN-STOCK colours and I have listed if the spool is mini and can ship as letter mail in Canada. You will find the entire list under the Kreinik Thread Drop down menu

In Stock Krenik Spools

New Discoveries - Summer 2022

Always in Stock

There are some items that everyone needs to be in stock when you want it ... for me DMC floss is one of those items.  It always frustrates me when you go into a store (who will remain nameless) and they are out of stock on most of the thread.  You are all excited to start a new pattern and you are pulled down to Earth, your bubble bursts, your dreams are shattered .... well a little over the top but you all know the feeling.

I am going to create a core group of items that will always be in stock (barring unforeseen disasters ... like the zombie apocalypse or a ship stuck in the Suez Canal), I will try to have 2 skeins of each colour in stock.

Included in my "Always in Stock" are ....

DMC Perle Cotton #5 (other sizes by special order)

Weeks Dye Works Stranded Cotton

Appleton Crewel 2 ply wool (skeins only)

Classic Colorworks Cotton floss

Mill Hill Seed Beads

Chameleon Stranded Cotton

* Price increase for DMC will be effective August 1st - $1.25 per skein for solid colours

"Always in Stock" DMC 6 Strand Floss

New to Embroidery Marketplace

I am always adding new items to my website as customers talk to me and give me feedback on the products they love and use. The EZ Frame NO Basting scroll frame is my newest "NEW ITEM"!

If you are looking for a versitile product that can grow with your crafting then this is perfect. Start with the Starter Set to get a selection of scroll rods, extender bars and knobs. Then over the years as you start new projects you can purchase addtional scroll rods to fit your fabric as your projects get bigger and bigger!!

EZ Frame NO Baste Scroll Frame System

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