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February Adventure - Designer Emily Peacock

In 2024, my Adventures in Embroidery will feature a designer each month in different types of Embroidery. Along with other items that are used by that designer including different types of fabric and thread.

I always encourage people to search out the designer online or social media, you can find out more about their design process, see new patterns before they are released and some designers sell their patterns as instant download PDFs!

Emily Peacock is a contemporary needlepoint designer based in the UK. Her designs featured on the Appletons Wools website feature great British Artists. Her newest design is Harry Styles and captures his flair for fashion.

In Emily's own words and posted on the Appletons website:

I have used Appleton wools in my designs since 2007. I use both the crewel and tapestry weight and have sold thousands of kits around the World using their wonderful products. Although I tend to veer towards their brightest colours in my designs, the quality of dye never looks cheap. With such a huge range of shades, I never tire of discovering wonderful combinations in their ever-growing palette of colours. The team at Appleton wools hold a genuine passion for their brand and are always keen to collaborate with designers, businesses and institutions to showcase this wonderful British product further. They are always a delight to work with and their service and customer loyalty is hard to beat.

I stock the Crewel Skeins as an "always in stock" item and I have all the colours in stock. I order the Hanks of wool directly from Appletons as customers request them.

My Threads are organized by Thread Material (wool), Thread Type (2ply) and the Thread Brand (Appletons)

Thread Brand - Appletons Wool

Check out all of Emily's designs on her website and find her Cross Stitch kits as well!

Emily Peacock

Appletons Kits - Sold by Embroidery Marketplace

Canvas & Stretcher Bars

Tapestry is traditionally stitched on canvas. There are a few different styles, Penelope or Interlock Canvas are softer and used for painted canvases like those sold by Appleton wool. Deluxe Mono Canvas are stiffer and can support the textured Counted Canvaswork of designers like Lorene Salt and Freda Murfin.

For Canvas the support type you use are Stretcher Bars. These differ from stretcher bars used for painting canvas but in a pinch you can use them as well. Needlepoint Stretcher bars are thinner and lighter in weight than their artist cousins!

Below shows how the 2 pieces connect at the corners, they are sold in packs of 2 of each length so you just purchase the 2 sizes you need ... one set of 8" and one set of 10"!

Fabric Type - Canvas

Embroidery Tip for February

Stretcher Bars can also be used to mount your fabric for counted embroidery like Cross Stitch or for your ground fabric for Surface Embroidery styles.

Connect your fabric to your stretcher bars using small tacks that can be used over and over again for future projects.


Start in the middle of each side and place a tack to hold down the fabric along the top or side of the stretcher bar.

Work your way towards the corners, moving from one side of the square to the other as you go. Top then Bottom, Left then Right ... repeat!

Find the different type of stretcher bars in my Support Collection under the Supplies dropdown menu

Stretcher Bars - Sold by Embroidery Marketplace

Counted Canvaswork - Freda's Fancy Stitching

Explore Counted Canvas work that mixes threads and specialty stitches to create a wonderful textured look.

Find your next project and instantly download the pattern directly from her website!

Freda's Fancy Stitching


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