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All about … Cotton Floss.

All about … Cotton Floss.

A new year long series highlighting different parts of Embroidery.

Are you a self taught stitcher? Did your Mom/Grandmother teach you when you were younger? Have you picked up stitching again after years away?

Well then this newsletter series will sprinkle some information all year long and give you confidence to try something new!

This month it's ......

All About Cotton Floss Thread!

So if you think cotton floss is boring and just for Cross stitch ... think again and check out Berlin Embroidery!

Tanja Berlin is a thread painting designer and teacher based in Calgary, Alberta (pictured with her two dogs Monty and Quincy)

THREAD PAINTING!!! what is that!

Silk Shading or Thread Painting is a style of embroidery where you use the direction and colour of the thread to create beautiful sketches on fabric. Tanja has her own line of kits to learn this style and her instructions are awesome.

The link below explains the style better than I can and shows you some examples of beginner kits ... remember if you can thread a needle then you can do any embroidery style!!

Needle Painting Information – Berlin Embroidery Designs



Another way to be inspired is to pick your favourite colour and stitch your pattern in a variegated thread. These are great as the colour shifts as you work and your design evolves over time.

There are 2 great designers who are known for letting you pick the colour you want for the design. Ink Circles and Long Dog Samplers.

Both have great websites with free downloadable patterns and blogs for you to follow their design process.

Goodies – Ink Circles

Long Dog Samplers Gallery - Long Dog Samplers



Well, you didn't know there was so much cotton floss out there to try did you!!!!

This months Mystery Package is all about threads and not just cotton floss but metallics too.

For Metallics to try pick SPARKLE or not!! Then pick your favourite colour. Each package contains a selection of thread for you to try ... cotton, silk and rayon ... solids and variegated.

Your Bonus Item is a necessary embroidery tool that no stitcher should be without one ... or two .... or three!

Mystery Package - March – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary



Thank you for your support!

I can order patterns from many designers and I add them to my site as people request them!

Downloadable patterns are great too as they are easy to store!

Email me if you would like me to start carrying something new!

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