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All about .... Fabric.

All about .... Fabric.

A new year long series highlighting different parts of Embroidery.

So my friend Lana, who had been helping me with my newsletter got very busy during November and December and now, at long last, has had her first book published!

Her book "The Lonely Little Lighthouse" published by Nimbus Publishing will be available this coming July!

So this year I'm going to be presenting a series of newsletters about different embroidery things. Items, idea and designs!

This month it is ...

All About Fabric!


January brings new projects and SALs (Stitch A-Longs) and I have had lots of questions about big cuts of fabric ... and when I say big I mean HUGE!!!!

As most stores only list up to one yard cuts it is sometime hard to figure out if you can get cuts longer than 36"

Well, you are in luck ... I have added an Extra Large cut to my "Always in Stock" white Aida. This is the equivalent to a full Yard plus a Tall cut making your fabric 54" x 43"

Any fabric can be special ordered to get this cut as I just have to order it in larger continuous cuts from my suppliers.


But Jenn, what about the people who do smalls? Ornaments or bookmarks!

Well, you are ALSO in luck ... I have a section of Remnants and End of the Bolt cuts that don't fit into my standard fabric cuts.

These cuts are while supplies last and vary from month to month depending on what I have in stock.


What about Hand Dyed fabric? I hear the wait times can be soooooooooooo long!

Yes with the supply issue some companies are having delays and longer wait times for the labour intensive hand dyed fabrics.

Last year I started a collection of IN STOCK hand dyed fabrics so you can see what is ready to ship.

Not every colour is available in all the sizes but you can email me about one you like and I can check for you. I also have tons of colours on order and I am happy to check my list for you!

Thank you for your support!

I am building my store with you in mind!

Email me if you would like me to start carrying something new!

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