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All about ... Wool Threads


All about ....  Wool Threads

A new year long series highlighting different parts of Embroidery.

Classic painted canvas needlepoint stitched by my Mom (Joy Care) in the 1970s - Designer unknown, Subject: King Tut

If you are like me, then sometime when you mention to friends that you stitch they say "Oh, Needlepoint!" ... and then you have an hour long conversation to let them know that stitching is more than just your 1970's needlepoint!

But boy, has needlepoint evolved over time! It now layers metalic and specialty threads on hand painted canvases and has a passionate following of stitchers worldwide!

For me, I like being a Generalist when it comes to embroidery supplies and I want to be able to assist all types of stitchers. So this month I thought I would go over the different types of wool threads you can use for stitching, from needlepoint to counted Canvaswork to classic Crewel work.

This month it is ...

All About Wool Threads!

Crewel Embroidery from The Crewel Work Company

- Jacobean Stag Kit - Intermediate

One of the best places to learn this classic style is with Phillipa Turnbull and The Crewel Work Company. Once you have learned the technique you can branch out and design your own stitching!

Appleton Wool (England) also has a line of kits using their threads, from classic needlepoint to crewel work.

Appleton Wool is a soft 2 ply 100% wool that comes in hundreds of colours from muted heritage colours (580 Range: Brown Groundlings) to modern bright colours (650 Range: Hot Neon). You can purchase a Shade set with samples of all the colours and the Crewel Wool Skeins are one of my "Always In Stock" items!


Jumbuck is a Wool/Silk Blend created by Dinky Dyes in the USA. It is a wonderful soft thread that can be used with 13 to 18 mesh canvas and larger count fabrics. It comes in 117 different colours and many of them are in 3-4 shade colour families. New colours are added each year!

It is a similar weight to crewel wool and can also be used in Canvaswork. I was introduced to this thread by Designer Freda Murfin from Freda's Fancy Stitching.

Silk/Wool from Dinky Dyes (nuts-about-needlepoint.com)


Paternayan Persian Yarn 3 ply is a classic wool used for needlepoint. It is now producted by Colonial Needle Company as is sold as Colonial Persian Yarn.

The 100% wool fibers are very stable to stitch with and have a been dyed a rich colour. They don't currently have a shard card set but the photos on my website are high-resolution, provided to my by the company.

Be creative by painting your own canvas, 3 ply is great on 14 count Mono Canvas and you can use regular acrylic paints to create your design. Appleton and DMC also produce a Tapestry 4 ply wool that can be used together in the same design.

How to Paint a Canvas for Needlepoint Projects | Martha Stewart


For very fine wool, Au Ver a Soie's Laine Fine d'Aubusson (France) is the perfect choice. This 100% merino wool comes in 120 colours that coordinate with the Soie d'Alger silks.

With 1 ply you can create fine colour shading with surface embroidery stitches, or pair with Appleton crewel wool to add fine details. It can also be used to add texture to goldwork and stumpwork designs

Making a traditional embroidery with Aubusson wool - Inspiration and tutorials (i-make.com)


Thank you for your continued support of my small business!

If you are inspired to stitch outside of your comfort zone then why not go on a "Blind Date with a Designer"

The Mystery package for May is a kitted pattern!

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