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All about .... Stitching Supports

All about ....  Stitching Supports

A new year long series highlighting different parts of Embroidery.

When I started Tiny Modernist's Octopus Biscournu I decided to use a hoop as I wanted it portable.

Hello Everyone ... well to say my April was busy is an understatement! I had 2 Pop Up locations in Saskatchewan, a Stitching Retreat at Manitou Springs Spa & Resort in Watrous, SK and Pop Up Store in Saskatoon ... plus I got to spend the Easter Holiday with my family cooking and having fun!

I couldn't do this without all my stitching friends here in Alberta who helped me load and unload and load and unload my van ... it got me thinking about all the "Support" we have in our lives!

.... you see what I just did there .... hahahaha

This month it is ...  All About Stitching Supports!

Hoops and Q-snap and Scroll Bars and Stretcher Bars ... oh my!!

It can be a jungle out there navigating how to support your fabric when you are stitching. Here is some information, from my point of view at least!

Be sure to ask your friends and online stitching groups what they like and WHY!

... remember there are no RULES in stitching just have fun and create!

To Hoop or not to Hoop ... that is the question

... but not the only question you need to ask yourself.

Hoops are portable, inexpensive and make your fabric DRUM tight but have some issues.

The downside is they do have a tendency to mark your fabric if you leave the fabric in them for a long time. They also can be hard to hold when you have a large piece of fabric hanging loose.

Ask yourself, do I mind taking the fabric out when I am not stitching? Is my fabric too large? Do I need both hands when I use some of the threads for this pattern?

Scroll Bars ... your project rolls on and on and on ...

For long term projects with lots of fabric these are great. Connect your fabric to the Scroll rods (either sewing or velcro) and gently roll up the fabric as you stitch.

The downside is that they are hard to hold on your own while you stitch so you might need a tabletop or floor stand to hold them for you. As well, the fabric will not be DRUM tight.

Q-snaps and the new Handi Clamp System

You CAN have your cake and eat it too!!!

Q-snaps are great for a lightweight portable solution that doesn't mark your fabric like hoops do!

The Handi Clamp System combines the Q-snap idea with Scroll frames ... its fast and easy to install new fabric on to the bars, it holds it tight and it scrolls!

But Jenn ... what about Stretcher bars? Do I need them too?

Great questions ... Yes and No!

They are best for canvas style fabrics like Congress Cloth and Mono Canvas. But there is a MINI version that is also great for fabrics. For getting your fabric DRUM tight without marking a circle on your fabric this is the way to go!

I have used them for Goldwork designs as well as Canvaswork

For Northern Pine Design's pattern Ebb Tide, I use Stretcher Bars because I am using Deluxe Mono Canvas that needs to be tacked down to secure it while stitching.

Thank you for your support!

Now that you know about stiching supports ... why don't you try out some new fabric!

The Mystery package for April is a Fabric Sampler set.

Mystery Package - April – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

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