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Adventures in Embroidery - Yellow: The Happiest Colour in the Rainbow!

Adventures in Embroidery -

Yellow: The Happiest Colour in the Rainbow!

My Adventures in Embroidery continue into June and I thought it only fitting to celebrate YELLOW this month!

Yellow is the happiest colour in the rainbow!

It was my grandfather's favourite colour. He even convinced my Nan to let him paint their house that colour and my childhood was filled with visits to the big yellow house in Saskatoon! Although it did creep into the range of "Glow in the Dark Yellow" by the 90's and she had to put her foot down and have it painted Beige ... it took us 3 coats to cover the yellow!

June is also a month full of celebrations - Pride Month, National Indigenous Day (June 21st) & my stitching group's annual Potluck!


Yellow can be a hard colour to use in stitching, sometime it fades into white backgrounds or catches your eye by being too bright. One of the best examples of using Yellow for dramatic flair is this one! Avery is a member of my stitching group in Calgary and uses Yellow in many of their designs!

This image is cropped from Fallen Angel by Alexandre Cabanel (1847), Avery increased the saturation of the colours using an online tool for creating cross stitch patterns. Their final project uses yellow and rich golds to focus your attention on the expression in the eyes!

You can follow Avery on their Instagram @Enbylievable

I can't wait to see what they are working on next!


Another way to showcase Yellow is to surround it with other bright colours! Freda Murfin's Rainbow Purse is a great example of using bright colours (including yellow) to wonderful effect!

Stitch it up today for yourself or as a wonderful gift!

Happy Pride Everyone!

Rainbow Stitches - Purse – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary



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*Next Month is my Anniversary Sale! I will be sending out 2 emails in July - Sale Email + Plus my Adventure in Embroidery

Thank you for coming on the journey with me!

My Adventures in Embroidery can't happen without your support!

Please keep the feedback coming and the product suggestions, they are fun to hunt down and add to my website!

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