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Wedding Nights
Peacock & Fig

Wedding Nights

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From the website: 

If you've ever wondered what to take to a bridal shower, then maybe this sassy marriage cross stitch pattern will be just what you're looking for!  Dana Batho for Peacock & Fig

The super-sexy corset cross stitch motif fits perfectly with the matching text.

"Bringing sexy back to wedding nights since 1577"

This is indeed a historical fact as women started to wear corsets around that time and the laced body undergarments became a feature of the flamboyant Tudor-era women's dresses.

The cross stitch is pretty straightforward with a small palette of colors.  There is a row of iridescent beads at the top of the corset. The text includes fractional stitches which are optional. It is stitched on a softly hued green celadon which perfectly matches the delicate embroidery floss palette.