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Twisted Band Sampler
Twisted Band Sampler
Northern Expressions

Twisted Band Sampler

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Information provided by designer:

It's been a while since I did a band sampler, and this time I wanted to do something a little different, so I added a twist!! Designing on a diagonal is challenging but so much fun!

This design is a combination of cross stitch and many specialty stitches, with stitch diagrams and instructions provided for all stitches.

Stitch Count: 144w x 288h
Design Size: 7 ¼ x 14 ½ inches on 40 count fabric
8 x 16 inches on 36 count fabric
9 x18 inches on 32 count fabric
10 ¼ x 20 ½ inches on 28 count fabric

Fabric used for the model is 32ct Linen in Bisque from Lakeside Linens.

Floss used in the model is Au Ver a Soie, Soie D'Alger and as always a DMC conversion is included.

Au Ver a Soie (coming soon - email to order)
4622 Light Pink (or DMC 3354) x 1 skein
4623 Medium Pink (or DMC 3731) x 1 skein
4624 Dark Pink (or DMC 150) x 1 skein
2626 Dark Orange (or DMC 918) x 1 skein
2625 Medium Orange (or DMC 920) x 1 skein
2623 Light Orange (or DMC 922) x 1 skein
2234 Light Gold (or DMC 783) x 1 skein
2235 Medium Gold (or DMC 781) x 1 skein
2236 Dark Gold (or DMC 780) x 1 skein
2136 Dark Green (or DMC 936) x 1 skein
2134 Medium Green (or DMC 469) x 1 skein
2133 Light Green (or DMC 471) x 1 skein
1421 Light Blue (or DMC 932) x 1 skein
1422 Medium Blue (or DMC 931) x 1 skein
1423 Dark Blue (or DMC 930) x 1 skein
5115 Dark Violet (or DMC 3740) x 1 skein
5114 Medium Violet (or DMC 3041) x 1 skein
5113 Light Violet (or DMC 3042) x 1 skein

This is not an exact conversion but it's pretty darn close. :)

*Thread pack listed is Dinky Dyes silks.

Floss estimates are for 32 count fabric using one strand of thread for stitching over two. If using DMC, you might need to bump that to two strands – it doesn't cover quite as well. If you do use two strands, you may need a second skein of the greens and golds.

Happy Stitching!