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Treasure Ribbon - Special Order
Rainbow Gallery

Treasure Ribbon - Special Order

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This is a special order item - I am currently loading all the colour samples on to the website as Rainbow Gallery has sent me high resolution photos of all their products!

If you need this item right away, just use this item and put the colour name and number in the notes of your order!

Needlepoint: 10 to 14 Count
Cross Stitch: 7 to 11 Count

65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester
6 Yard Cards
19 Colors
Hand Washable
Made in USA

This is a bright soft metallic ribbon suitable for 14-10 count canvas. It’s softness makes it wonderful to stitch with but a laying tool is recommended. This metallic ribbon enhances many different type of decorative stitches including French Knots. Another plus is that its colors match our Treasure Braid line.