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Stitcher's Cloth

Stitcher's Cloth

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Can be used as a light weight alternative to Twill for crewel or surface embroidery.  The extra large size will need to be special ordered.

(from the website)

The home-weaved fabric by Valdani is a blend of cotton and linen fabric, similar to those born from the worthy hands of our ancestors in their home- weaving-looms.

A smooth, perfectly balanced fabric, weight 12 oz - ideal for hand stitches, with a strong grip due to its pure natural fibre composition. A little stiff and non- transparent, this fabric is perfect for stitchery, but also a soft-enough natural fibre to be worn directly on the skin, both rustic and highly fashionable. Let yourself be inspired by this home-weaved fabric by Valdani and use it for, but not only: traditional hand-embroidery, background fabric for wool-appliqué, quilts, tablecloths, embroidered bedclothes, other home-decor items, traditional, rustic and children's clothing, fashion.