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Spring Kaleidoscope
Lorene Salt Needlearts

Spring Kaleidoscope

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From the website:

“Spring Kaleidoscope” is stitched in a delightful colour palette reminiscent of the feeling experienced near the end of winter while longing for the arrival of spring. Green shoots peeking up from the ground, buds patiently waiting to open, soon to be leaves. The fuchsia and lavender colours  represent the spring flowers, the icy blue palette reflects the still frozen ground . . . a wonderful representation for this time of year when there is great anticipation and transition, especially in our northern climates.

“Spring Kaleidoscope” incorporates string art and needlepoint stitches. As the design is being stitched, it begins to take on the appearance of shards of coloured glass, as if looking through a Kaleidoscope.  The student will pre-stitch the Mosaic and Star Stitch Grid. The overall design integrates over 52 different stitches including various types of Jessicas, Amadeus, Sprats Head, Balloon, Waffles, 32-point star and Double Fan Doubled and a two coloured Chilly Hollow. Techniques include Bargello, Diaper Patterns, and Laid Fillings. This class will appeal to those students who would like to try new techniques while challenging themselves by mastering complex canvaswork stitches. Spring Kaleidoscope is the long awaited sister piece to Autumn Kaleidoscope. New and different stitches than those in Autumn Kaleidscope.

Design size 10″ x 10″ stitched on 18 count Opalescent mono canvas.