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Pack Decouverte - Jaune | Yellow (Ovale/de Paris)
Pack Decouverte - Jaune | Yellow (Ovale/de Paris)
Au Ver a Soie

Pack Decouverte - Jaune | Yellow (Ovale/de Paris)

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From the website:

One pack, one colour atmosphere, 5 threads Au Ver à Soie of different textures ... and your needle work will never be the same!

Soie d'Alger : 7 strands silk loosely plyed that can be split easily, available in more than 620 colours for embroidery and tapestry. This silk is made of spun silk wich gives it an unrivalled regularity, lustrous and softness.

Soie Perlée : 3 ply twisted filament silk, available in a range of more than 290 colours It is made of the best qualities of raw silk which gives it an unrivalled brightness and softness.

Metallic braided 4 : Soft and resistant braid for all needlework . Over 80 shades plain colours and mixtures.

Soie Ovale : low twist flat filament silk that is smooth, soft, and lustrous. It is available in a range of more than 90 colours.

Soie de Paris : 6 strand filament silk, easily separable, made of raw silk, available in more than 100 colours.