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Early-Style Hardanger
Designer - Yvette Stanton

Early-Style Hardanger

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From the website:

Early-style Hardanger is not often seen outside of Norway, but is quite distinct from contemporary Hardanger. This historical style of embroidery has traditionally been used on the women's clothing in the Hardangerfjord region, and was designed to imitate needle-made lace of the 1600's and 1700's. Yvette provides 10 varied projects with a range of contemporary applications, including a blouse with embroidered cuffs and collar, soft furnishings for the home, table linen, and small articles suitable to give as gifts. The left and right handed step-by-step stitch and technique instructions are easy to follow.

Vetty Creations are publishers of quality step-by-step needlework books. They specialize in teaching and thereby preserving historical forms of whitework embroidery.
Yvette Stanton is a respected Australian embroidery teacher and award-winning needlewoman. She particularly loves whitework embroidery.

You can see her flip-through videos for each book here: