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Dwarf - Hand Dyed Aida - 18 count
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Dwarf - Hand Dyed Aida - 18 count

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* This is a special-order item, it is dyed to order for each shop as we order it, processing time is 20+ weeks.  Email if you would like to see if it is on order.

Colour: Medium grayed blue - a "cold" blue.

FAQ's from the website:

Why do the different fabric types dye differently?

Basic Dyeing 101 - different fabric contents will take the dye differently - sometimes very differently. Aidas are woven from cotton threads, Linens are made from linen thread, and the Evenweaves that we use are a combination of rayon and cotton.


Are your fabrics washable?

Yes! We use our washing machine and hot water to wash the fabrics before they’re dyed and then again after the dyeing process. They are as washable as they can be!

Are your dyed fabrics colorfast?

Yes. We use chemicals to bind the dye to the fibers and to stop the dyeing reaction. Then we wash the fabrics with a special detergent that removes loose dye. The brightest and darkest colors (such as Phoenix and Mystic) are rinsed many times to try and get out all the unbound dye. That being said if you are someone who always washes your project when you are finished stitching - remember the threads are not colorfast and there could be loose dye in the fabric. It's recommended to rinse your piece in cold water and not let it soak.