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Dragons Of Sumatra
Dragons Of Sumatra
Ink Circles

Dragons Of Sumatra

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From the website:

This is an original sampler in which I collected up motifs from antique Indonesian textiles that I ran across while researching tampan ship cloths for my Big Red Ship of Life sampler. The antique sources were often worn, incomplete, and containing obvious errors. I exercised my prerogative to fix those errors and omissions, as this is not intended as a reproduction. It's my theory that the cloths were used to record weaving patterns rather than used as decorative pieces in their own rights. I've included a page in chart pack that captures some of my observations and thoughts about these cloths.

This sampler is 301W x 216H. It was stitched with Gloriana Silk Thread in Poinsettia. These silks are 12-ply, and it required 25 yards using a single ply on 36 count over 2. The fabric used was 36 count (18 stitches per inch) Ancient linen by Picture This Plus. The total number of stitches is 29111.