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Cirque des Cercles
Ink Circles

Cirque des Cercles

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From the website:

Interlocking circles provide a pleasing geometric layout for these stylized floral mandalas. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so do I (I abhorred my Eureka, and am only barely able to tolerate our Hoover Wind-tunnel.) Thus, to avoid big empty spaces, the interstices between circles are filled with smaller circles and so on, and so on, resulting in quite a circus of circles (which just happens to sound cooler in French.)

247 x 185 stitch count.

Just a few stitches shy of the 20,000 stitch mark in a single floss color of your choice (although experienced needle workers are invited to incorporate multiple colors to customize the design.) You have to pick your own favorite colors.

Thread: for 14 count or 28 count stitching you will need 9 skeins of DMC skeins (DMC is 8M)