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Blind Date with a Designer - Mystery Package
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Blind Date with a Designer - Mystery Package

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Everyone know that Blind Dates can go wrong but hopefully these "Blind Dates with a Designer" will start a new love affair for you!

Each pack contains a pattern, fabric and thread to try something new, plus a Bonus item to spark your creativity.  An information sheet will give you more information about the designer, materials and your bonus item.

Design #1 & #2 - Try Weeks Dye Works Floss with Linen

Design #3 - Try 40 count Linen* (SOLD OUT)

Design #4 - Try Soie d'Alger silk with Linen* (SOLD OUT)

Design #5 - Try Linen 32 count*

Design #6 - Try a BOLD colour (new)

* Only one package is available, new designs will be added when these sell out