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Weeks Dye Works

This company started small and has grown over the years, below is an except from her website ... I happened to visit "Ewe & Eye & Friends," a cross stitch shop. The ladies loved the colors of the fabric that I had dyed, but didn't have a need for it. They asked if I had considered dyeing thread. I had never thought of it, but decided to give it a try just as a hobby. They ordered a few colors to include in a Christmas kit they designed. What had begun as a hobby turned into a real venture. The rest, as they say, "is history." We have come a long way from our "bathtub" days in 1994. We now employ 10 full time people and 9 part time. The dyeing process has moved from plastic containers in an apartment bathtub to proprietary equipment in a 8,200 square foot facility. The baths which create the thread colors have grown from a few 50 yard baths a week to several 13,000 yard baths a day. With 587 color/fiber combinations, we have to use our"recipe" book to keep the colors consistent from one dye bath to the next. Of course there are no guarantees because everything from the temperature of the water to the humidity in the air plays a factor. Despite this, we strive to offer the best color consistency in the hand over-dyed fibers industry. Over the past 16 years our company has steadily grown as we have expanded our product lines. We now offer pearl cotton, cotton sewing thread and wool fabric. Because we have many different fibers available, our products will appeal to stitchers of all kinds, including cross stitchers, needlepointers, quilters, rug hookers, etc. We feel that it is important to offer the same colors in a variety of fibers and are proud of this innovative ability. Our lines will continue to grow (slowly) until most colors are available in each of the different fiber lines. I am very proud of the quality of our hand over-dyed products and the reputation that we have earned in this business. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Miranda Weeks McGahey President