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Peacock & Fig - CAN

 Here's a bit from her website ...

Meet Dana

Dana Batho Designer Peacock & Fig
Dana Batho, Designer Peacock & Fig

"I personally learned the hard way about the therapeutic benefits of stitching. I am a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, and I was hurt during my service as an air force Intelligence Officer. The injury to my neck and shoulders got worse to the point that I couldn’t stay in the career I’d worked so hard for, and I was medically discharged in 2015. As a means to cope with the intense stress of my injury and the upcoming discharge, I started stitching as it was something I could still physically do. I am also a trained artist, and although I couldn’t draw and paint normally anymore because of the injury, I could stitch. I quickly learned how calming stitching was, and how much it was helping me cope. I decided to help others learn the art of stitching via my blog and video tutorials, and in late 2015 I started creating my own designs.

As my designs have evolved, more and more of my snarky and sarcastic humour has crept in, and to my delight they are bringing an incredible variety of (often hilarious) stitchers out of the woodwork. It’s my pleasure to create something that brings joy and humour into someone else’s life, and I hope my designs do that for you."