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Adventures in Embroidery - All the Colours!

If you are like me then the "Shortest Month of the Year" February turned out to be the Quickest too! After so many months of Winter in Canada who else is looking forward to some sunshine and warmth that is March (if we're lucky)

While thinking about where my Adventures in Embroidery will take me this month I got to thinking about colour and how they brighten the most dark of winter days!

Many times you come across a skein of varigated colour and you don't know where to use it, you know only that you love it!

Threadworx Floss (Group 7) 115s-116s – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Bradley's Balloon by Threadworx is one their most popular colours!


Last year, I joined 2 SAL (Stitch-A-Longs) on Facebook where the designers created in Blackwork. This is a great style of embroidery where you use a single line to create patterns and designs. It is also a great place to experiment with multi-coloured threads!

The Steady Thread Blackwork SAL | Facebook

Peppermint Purple SAL Group | Facebook

I am currently re-organzing all my in-stock patterns so you can search by Pattern Type. Amoung them are some of the Blackwork patterns I have in stock. But check out the designer's websites as you can do an instant download PDF pattern and all the proceeds go toward supporting these great artists!

Pattern Type - Blackwork – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Kit Type - Blackwork – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

These are a work in progress as I continue to organize by patterns

2022 Peppermint Purple SAL designed by Clare Ardali

(stitched by me)

Blackwork, sometimes historically termed Spanish blackwork, is a form of embroidery generally worked in black thread, although other colours are also used on occasion, as in scarletwork, where the embroidery is worked in red thread.

Originating in Tudor period England, blackwork typically, though not always, takes the form of a counted thread embroidery, where the warp & weft of a fabric are counted for the length of each stitch, producing uniform-length stitches and a precise pattern on an evenweave fabric. Blackwork may also take the form of free stitch embroidery where the yarns of a fabric are not counted while sewing.

Wikipedia is a great resource if you want to start exploring the history of different embroidery from around the world

Blackwork - Wikipedia


Another designer who used colour to effect in brightening up your world is Freda Murfin. Freda is a Canvaswork designer based in Calgary who used various styles of thread and layered stitches to create wonderful addictive projects!

Two of my favourites are her Rainbow Purse and her large Mystery Sampler: Sunlit Stitches

Rainbow Stitches - Purse – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Sunlit Stitches - Mystery Sampler – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Both were created to bring brightness and colour into a stitcher's life ... The purse was create for a vacation to carry a change purse and passport and was reworked a few times to get the colours and size just so!

Sunlit Stitches was Freda's way of battling the anxieties of the Covid19 Pandemic and she created it with the Sunny-ist of colours!

My Walneto Tree by Freda Murfin

Fibre Potpourri 2023: The Magic of Embroidery

May 12-14th, 2023 - Red Deer Alberta

This is Freda's newest design "My Walneto Tree." It is a class offered at the Annual Fibre Potpourri Retreat and Teaching Converence held in Red Deer, Alberta.

*registration will open on Monday, Feb 27th 2023

It is a design based class where you get to peek into the mind of a designer as Freda shows you how to mix colour and shape to create your own artwork on mono canvas!

Home | 2023 (fibre-potpourri.wixsite.com)

It is set up as a "Stash Buster" class where you can bring all the shiney threads you have collected and don't know what to do with!


As you can see from Freda's design one of the ways to make colours POP is to use black fabric! But I know what you are thinking ... Jenn, I can't see as it is!

Well then, you can try the "Black" fabric Chalkboard ... this is a very dark grey and has the added feature of you being able to pick out the holes!

My Collections of Black Fabrics and Grey Fabrics will let you explore the various fabrics you can use to make your colours stand out! Any Hand Dyed Fabric that is shown in the colour collections will be instock and ready to ship. Each Fabric listing has the cut sizes that are in stock noted, if not size is noted then it will need to be ordered for you.

Fabric Colour - Black – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

Fabric Colour - Grey – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary


Thank you for coming on the journey with me! My Adventures in Embroidery can't happen with you!

Please keep the feedback coming and the product suggestions, they are fun to hunt down and add to my website!

Here are some of my newest Products

New Discoveries - Winter 2022/23 – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary


Crewel Work Company Jacobean Linen Twill – Embroidery Marketplace - Calgary

March will continue my Pattern Inventory Re-organization and I will be starting on Threads next! Wish me luck

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