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Treasure Braid 12 - Special Order
Rainbow Gallery

Treasure Braid 12 - Special Order

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This is a special order item - I am currently loading all the colour samples on to the website as Rainbow Gallery has sent me high resolution photos of all their products!

If you need this item right away, just use this item and put the colour name and number in the notes of your order!

Size 12
56 Colors
10 Yard Cards
Needlepoint: 13 to 18 ct.
Cross Stitch:  10 ct.

60% Rayon, 40% Metalized Polyester
Hand Washable
Made in England, Japan & USA

Treasure Braid is a shiny metallic that comes in size  #12 and #16. All are braided and will not unravel as you stitch. It is very durable and can be used in longer lengths. It is a soft metallic and covers the canvas well. Available in several colors that include High Gloss and Shimmer Colors. Size 12 is braided with 12 filaments.

Size 12
TR247- Awesome Gold
TR248- Orange
TR249- Pumpkin
TR250- Old Gold
TR260- White Pearl
TR261- Gold
TR262- Arctic Gold
TR264- Silver
TR265- Black
TR266- Green
TR268- Royal Blue
TR269- Sky Blue
TR270- Peach
TR271- Purple
TR272- Amethyst
TR273- Pink
TR274- Bronze
TR275- Forest Green
TR278- Light Multi
TR280- Blue
TR281- Rose
TR283- Pale Avocado
TR284- Burgundy
TR285- Black Gold
TR286- Autumn Orange
TR288- Chartreuse
TR293- Vatican Gold
TR294- Gold Sparkle
TR297- Silver Gray
TR298- Dark Chocolate
TR299- Orchid


Shimmer Colors

TR201- Yellow Shimmer

TR202- Peach Shimmer

TR203- Seafoam Shimmer

TR204- Blue Shimmer

TR205- Amethyst Shimmer