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Linen - 35, 36 count (Edinburgh) & 37 count

Includes 35, 36 count (Edinburgh) & 37 count Linen fabrics.

Zweigart names all their linen counts, 36 count is called Edinburgh Linen.

If you can't find the linen you prefer, please email and I can do a special order for you.


All the Weeks Dye Works 36 count standard and Zweigart based Linen fabrics.  Please allow for 3 month wait time if it has to be ordered as they hand dye the fabric to order for each shop.  Zweigart based Linen is new for 2019.

* I prefer to not use the name Confederate Grey as I find the colour name to be outdated and offensive. Weeks Dye Works changed the name to Grey Beige in 2022.

Weeks Dye Works' hand dyed, 100% linen fabric is great for a variety of cross-stitch and embroidery projects. The fabric is dyed in an eco-friendly process.

Picture This Plus fabric is dyed to order for every shop so the order process can take up to 3 months to arrive.  Well worth the wait!

I will email when fabric needs to be ordered. Or you can email me with your choice for me to check before you place your order.