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Stoney Creek Buttons

This is not the complete list of items I can order, I have added product as people request it.

Check out Stoney Creeks website for a full list of what can be ordered.

Stoney Creek Buttons

Stoney Creek buttons are hand made and used to embellish hundreds of cross stitch projects. You can search for a specific button using the button item number (enter only the first 5 digits for best results). You may have to select options to choose the correct size and color.

Since Stoney Creek's buttons are made by hand, no two buttons will be identical. However, approximate sizes are as follows:
XXS  - 1/16"
XS - 1/8"
S - 1/4"
M - 1/2"
L - 3/4"
XL - 1"
XXL - 1-1/4"