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Lowery Workstands - UK

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This information is taken from the Lowery workstands website ... here is some infomation about the company in their own words!

Our Story

The first Lowery Workstand was made on a rural pig farm in North Lincolnshire in 1986, when Rosemary Lowery asked her husband Keith to build her a stand to hold her embroidery frames as a birthday present. She was a talented embroiderer and painter, and Keith (known by his family as PK), a farmer and inventor, got to work. After a fair bit of trial and error, the result was the Lowery Workstand as we know it today.

When Rosemary took her newly created stand along to her embroidery class, her teacher tried it out and was impressed. “I have been doing this for more than forty years and this is the first decent stand I’ve tried! Do you think Keith would make one for me?!”

Starting a new business hadn’t occurred to PK, who had been busy as a pig farmer for forty-five years. However, in 1986 the UK government was urging farmers to diversify their businesses, and although PK’s natural instinct has always been to disregard official advice and find a better way himself, for some reason on this occasion he went with it.

And so Lowery Workstands, as a business, was born. Our workstands are still hand-made on that same farm in North Lincolnshire, and the business is still family-run.

The Philosophy

On a busy farm, when things need fixing, there is only time to do it once. Things need to work well and last forever. Following this philosophy, Lowery products are made to be durable – in fact, the very first workstand is still alive and kicking!

We use hard wearing steel to make all of our stands, and when we powder coat them, we do it just up the road in Grimsby. Where possible, we like to do everything locally.

The story continues at www.workstands.com