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DMC Threads

DMC occasionally discontinue colors altogether. Here is a list of discontinued numbers and the colors they can be replaced with should you have an older chart that uses them:

  • 776 is replaced by 3326
  • 781 is replaced by 782
  • 971 is replaced by 740
  • 504 is replaced by 3813
  • 731 is replaced by 732
  • 806 is replaced by 3760
  • 3773 is replaced by 407
  • 868 is replaced by 801


DMC is a world leader in embroidery threads, I have included an excerpt from their website about this history of the company:

Since 1746 DOLLFUS-MIEG & Compagnie—better known as DMC—can be found wherever people are stitching and creating. Though much has changed, DMC has stayed true to its founding principle of creating the finest textiles in the world. So while it was there to see world-changing inventions like that of the telephone, the locomotive, and the airplane, DMC has remained steadfast in maintaining the highest quality threads. We do it by honoring our heritage while also innovating for the future.

Honoring History

From the day the DMC factory opened through today, our employees continue to take great care in creating the finest thread in the world so that every project you work on can become exceptional. Our factory remains where DMC’s story began—in Mulhouse, France. Though the company has grown into a global operation with products in over 125 countries, its roots in this French city remain stronger than ever. It is impossible to talk about DMC’s history without acknowledging its affect on the city of Mulhouse itself.

Back in 1746, DMC did not simply open a factory in this small city of 4,000 people. It created a community. As the biggest employer in Mulhouse at the time, it took responsibility for employees by creating things like a school, a hospital, and employee housing. Its impact was so great that a museum, Le musee DMC, was created to celebrate the significance of the company. Although today DMC has employees around the globe, it continues to honor its history, and the place where it all began, by keeping the epicenter of its operation — its factory — in the place it considers home

Here’s to the next 270 years.

 Check out more stories at https://www.dmc.com/us/p-us-about-us.html