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Au Ver a Soie - Pack Decouverte

Variety pack to discover a selection of different types of silk in a colour theme.  Each pack lists the thread types and colours included in the pack.

* These will need to ship as a parcel so any automatic shipping will be corrected based on your address.

 From the website:

Soie Gobelins™ is an assembly of 2 strongly twisted strands of intense brilliance.

Soie Ovale™ has been a "flat" thread, little twisted with intense brilliance, made from Pure Silk, available in a range of more than 90 colors.

Soie de Paris™ is an assembly of 6 strands of intense brilliance easily separable, made from pure silk, available in more than 100 colors.

Soie Perlée® in sewing, it is an excellent thread, very resistant to make stitching on fabrics and leathers, sew buttons and make buttonholes. Also used in traditional embroidery, counted stitch, cross stitch on linen and silk

 Au Ver à Soie Surfine™ is an assembly of 2 strands of moderate brilliance, made from noil silk (combed silk), available in an inimitable range of more than 210 colors.

Au Ver à Soie Soie d'Alger®, is an assembly of 7 strands of moderate brilliance easily separable, made from schappe silk (combed silk). Available in an inimitable range of more than 620 colors.