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First Steps ...

So my plan for this blog is to follow along with the journey I am on starting my new business.  My 'first steps' are actually my 'first thoughts'!

So some of you know about the Calgary Guild of Needle & Fibre Arts (CGNFA) where I am a member.  Last year I volunteered to oversee the annual teaching conference Fibre Potpourri - 2019.  During this year of planning I ended up leaving my job at Chapters and started working at a small family run business in Calgary.  I started learning about the Import/Export business and running a retail store from the perspective of head office, this was very eye opening as I had only ever been in retail from a store's point of view.

During the last few months of planning Fibre Potpourri I started thinking about how the new skills I was learning could be applied a new business, maybe my business?  Fibre Potpourri ran like a dream and I realized that I my delegation skills were as good as ever!  I was able to guide everyone towards a overall theme and goal for the event but still let everyone have as much control over their own plans as they wanted!

So my thoughts after this event was ... could I? ... should I?  Maybe I should? .... but would it work?

Who know!!! Its only the first few weeks ... stay tuned to see if it works!!